A Highly Effective Way to Avoid phishing site www .Rahvidz. com

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22 Jul 2013

Appear,I got a msg on FB about going to some place called www .Rahvidz. com. msg said there was some video of me.

What are u doing in this video? Omg loll.. Skip to 1:54 is that really you? Type in this website without spaces–> www .Rahvidz. com

dont respond cause i didnt send that shit …lol i think somebody hacked my page. FOR REAL DOE.
i never heard of www .Rahvidz. com . so i googled the site. first thing that pops up on the list on google is that it is a phishing info site. so if you get a msg from some one about going to www.Rahvidz.com dont go to it. its will just be a way to gather info on you and/or plant a virus.

I opened the website www .Rahvidz. com and www.Rahvidz.com took me to www.fizzukabukk.com/index1128.php which is a fake facebook sign in website.

My antivirus was working,so it blocked the site www.fizzukabukk.com . this a way for hackers to access ur Facebook. do Not open it

u can google it just type www .Rahvidz. com by its self..the 1st couple of websites will explaine the scam virus…
whosoever gets this from me just delete it or remove it i got hacked. I apologize about that!!

www .Rahvidz. com is a fraudulent,fraudster,Unsafe,untrue,unreal,not legitimate,rip off,Holy crap website.

the Effective Way to Avoid phishing site www.Rahvidz.com is Deactivate your Facebook for a day then log back on and change your password. It should stop after that.

A Highly Effective Way to Avoid phishing site www .Rahvidz. com

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