$500 Walmart Giftcard for free is a phishing spam

Susa | Report Scams
2 Feb 2013

There is a $500 Walmart Giftcard SCAM floating around.

I just got a $500 Walmart Giftcard for free and 5 more to share with friends. If you’re interested in getting one for free, claim one here: https://apps.facebook.com/fshlwnhiewgdmoewk/?code=cC7iC1lYPQ0K

Above is a copy of a message I received from a friend. My friend did not send it.

I clicked on the first line and it took over from there.

Omg that Walmart gift card is a scam making the rounds through facebook.it isn’t real so stop sending me the message.It is a scam and messes up your FB page and sends a message to all your friend list.

Really well, the Walmart one is where you will get a message saying hi I won $500 Walmart gift card and I would like to share them 5 of my friends get them while they last or something like that and that message gets sent to you and 20 different people.

If scammers can get you to click a link allowing them access to your info, they don’t have to go to the trouble of hacking your account. Then the message is sent to all of your friends. Beware of free offers. Please tell your friends and family on facebook.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS that come with these scams. THESE THINGS ARE NOT FREE. IF it says its free, 99% chances that it’s a SCAM designed to infect computers. Many people are still falling for these scams.

This is getting spammed to all your friends list…you need to change your facebook and email passwords and clear this off.

Please warn your friends.

$500 Walmart Giftcard for free is a phishing spam


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