$100000 giving out to people on Facebook is a big scam

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23 Dec 2012

SCAM !!!! SCAM – under a bullie named :
Attention my friends — Scam alert – MAKING believe he/she is a nice English bulldog… Delete this person — Bull Dozer – Look what i am getting…. SCAM Am fine
And you
Have you heared about $100,000.00 giving out to people on Facebook in on-going seasonal FACEBOOK FREEDOM LOTTERY AWARD PROMO and New year winner promo with the collaboration of the POWER BALL COMPANY. They are Helping all people with the Cash,I wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the world facebook lottery list and I ask, they told me they will bring money to you too.

Friends… I deleted / blocked Bull Dozer and sent a report to FaceBook – he has only 27 friends so far…. WATCH out

I told him he is a scam ….! Bull Dozer
I swear it with my life
Is not
I got it in real cash
And they got it deliver to my door step today
Bye Bye bull Dozer !!! Gone

JUST be aware he will come back as Another Dog or even a CAT

The person who Made the Other Bull Dozer page took his photo and started COPY CAT SITE – HAD ONLY ABOUT 45 FRIENDS…

The fake one has no info listed other than male…
Report the fake …

$100000 giving out to people on Facebook is a big scam


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